Packaging System Design

Client: Forciot
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The Brief

We were asked to create a packaging system for an intelligent warehouse product. The packaging had to speak the same design language as the product — approachable Scandinavian minimalism, and help in the first steps of taking the product into use.

The Solution

We created a solution that is like a large briefcase with design cues from the actual product. It uses the product handle when carrying the packaged product, and it is easy to understand and easy to grab. The product handle is protected with a branded card so that the closed package has the same design details as the unwrapped product. The reverse side of this card was utilised as a quick guide for the product.

The product itself is very durable and the role of packaging was to protect the product from getting scratches and dirt during transportation. We used Finnish thin corrugated board as the main material for the packaging. It provides sufficient protection, is sustainable and keeps the packaging as small and as light as possible.

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